2016 Summer Assignment

July 2016

Dear Honors US History Student,

Welcome and congratulations for choosing to be a part of this class next year! I am very excited about continuing to create this new course with all of you. The intention of this class is to challenge your academic skills while engaging you in relevant and interesting part of American history that you may not have studied before. It will require a lot of reading and quite a bit of writing, but you will become proficient in both of those areas, preparing you for AP classes your senior year as well as college.

Try to think of this summer assignment as not only a way to prepare you for Honors US History, but as a way to become a more sophisticated and aware American. This is an incredibly important year as we will be electing a new president. You are expected to follow the campaign and become informed, thoughtful citizens.  When school begins in September, you will be asked to summarize and analyze the issues at stake during this election.  Please start following political news now, if you do not already.

As a specific assignment, you will need to follow the events of the nominating conventions this month. The Republican Convention is July 18-21 in Cleveland, OH and the Democratic Convention is July 25-28 in Philadelphia, PA. Both are televised on network TV and will be heavily covered in all forms of media.

For each convention, you will need to write about the following topics:

  • Summarize the most important moments of the Convention. What makes these moments significant?
  • Listen to or read a transcript of the nominees’ acceptance speech. (This is the speech given by the new nominee, usually the last night of the convention.) Summarize the main idea of the speech. What was the overall tone or emotion of the speech? Choose one quote or line that you think was the most powerful or meaningful. Explain why you chose it.
  • Based on the Convention, what did you learn about the beliefs of that political party?

Your answers should be in paragraph format. Each bullet point should be at least a paragraph long. This will be due TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th (that’s the day after Labor Day). It will be much, much easier to do this as the conventions are happening rather than wait until the last minute.  This will be your first graded essay of the year. Please take it seriously and do your best work.

I am so excited about this class and I hope you are as well. If you have questions, please email me at:


Ms. Reilley

Printable assignment here:

Letter 2016







Super Tuesday

February 29th

Happy Leap Day! Here are some links to get you started on your Super Tuesday knowledge. These are just a start, I expect you to do a little follow up on your own to expand your knowledge.

From NPR:


And Politico:


Both of these sites are excellent resources for all things political.


End of the Quarter

October 30

All work you want to turn in for credit is due by TUESDAY, November 3rd. Make sure you check your IC for anything that is missing and go through your binder and papers before you ask for a new copy. Often, you started the assignment but did not get it completed and turned in.

Quizzes are the only thing that cannot be redone or taken at this point.

PSAT Today

October 14

I hope everyone did their best on the PSAT today. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to see any WH classes today, but we’ll be back at it tomorrow with the Declaration of Independence.

4th period US, we’ll do some peer editing of our paragraphs.

6th period US, I won’t see you either today sadly, but you will complete writing your paragraphs.

Please check your specific class pages for more information and posted assignments.